Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So long Dallas

This is a placeholder because I am shutting down and packing my computer. If all goes well I will be able to post some pictures on Friday evening. I will haev pictures of the packed apartment, the going away party, the actual move, the ride to Houston, the unloading and the first night/day in Houston. WOW... it is hard to believe that it is here and happening. Bittersweet in that I must leave my great base of extended family here --- love you. But I have always found that your true friends remain no matter where you live.

And I am leaving in the midst of the chaos - Burt is moving to a new condo, Jim is moving in with Robert, and Denise is joining Direct Energy. I wish everyone the best in their seperate journies and look forward to seeing you again soon.



Anonymous said...

How soon are you looking forward to seeing me? I'm available in March.

Anonymous said...

she's always availablr