Friday, December 29, 2006


Added some photos - these are the two trucks that left 4400 W University in Dallas with all my "stuff" bound for Houston.

While I was driving I took this picture of a row of trees that I see - I just love to look at them and think they will inspire an artwork or two.

Now I have arrived at 1820 Lubbock Street - my new residence in the Old Historic Sixth Ward.

Well I have internet access and a few minutes to rest and blog...not much time but a few. My computers are hooked up and working. Tomorrow I hope to conquer the TV, Cable, Tivo and DVD player; in addition to having the dryer hooked up if all goes well with the landlord.

Not much really to report, other than I am sore all over, my feet hurt from walking back and forth so much. But I am making progess slow but sure, one box at a time.

Jim - welcome back to Dallas!

signing off for tonight from Houston - Billy

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Larissa said...

itaWelcome to the neighborhood! I hope you got a chance to see the Houston Chronicle story yesterday. We are a great neighborhood and love the interesting and exciting people living here, and hope you will too!