Monday, May 01, 2006


It was a great and busy few days. I am sorry that my busi-ness has kept me from blogging. The M Streets Tour was great! A steady flow of people both days, accept for a early morning rain on Sat. the weather was excellent. Met great people, talked about the digital process of my art, demonstrated it on my "mini" studio which consisted of a laptop with the programs I use, a small wacom tablet with pen & mouse controls, and a folding table. It was great to use what little downtime I had creating, and the other meeting people who appreciated my images, use of color, and technique. One work of art sold at the tour, and many took my information and mentioned that they would be in touch. I hope they also come to the "Digital Translations" show at the Hibernia Dental Arts Gallery this Friday. I hung the show today and it looks great in the space.

After the tour, the organizers Jim and Silvia, and their friends (of which I am proud to be one) celebrated the 1st of what I hope is many more tours at Snookies! You got to love those cheddar fries and fried pickles!

My friend, Michael left today and got home safe to Buffalo. Studio Boy as he was nicknamed was a great help to us with tasks that at times overwhelmed us, as we tried to also do them and greet the many visitors to the tour. He did not have to work the entire time, but was entertained by going on the tour with Armando, painting with him, having Lunch with Patrick and BDB, and then "working it" into the early hours each night at the dance floor.

All and All, Mike and I relived our college days and talked about lots of things that best friends do.

Armando did not have cash, so I added in money when the bill came for him (I have been told that he used this techique often and gets free coffee - I have no cash!) --- so when we get together for coffee later in the evening on Wednesday - it is all on Armando! I am sure he is somehow managing to get free coupons from the Starbucks website!

Lastly --- PH and Steve got a little "Quevil" on me when I forgot to call them about dinner on Saturday night. All now is forgiven and we laughed over the evil techiques we used to "Guilt" each other into feeling embarrassed and bad about the mishap. But in stroke of good luck - the cell phone message of me throwing up is gone from Jim Frederick's cell phone (probably from over use listening to it) and I captured this picture of PH --- I call it "preeetty"!

Here is to my brother getting the results from the tests he will undergo tomorrow that he needs to help him get better, and get rid of the pain and swelling in his joints that has been making an old man out of him way before his time. You are in my thoughts brother. XX00.

Tomorrow is a day to prepare for the visit of my folks who arrive on Thursday. I am getting excited about having them see my place, meet my friends, and see my art.

And these glasses where found! Mike should I be Quevil and put them on eBay? or just send them to you.

And one more thing before I go.
I did not go to the Invisible Children rally/protest/silent march Global Night Commute --- but some of my friends did. I was there in spirit and will take time to create my own art, and send a letter to my senators and The President regarding this. It must stop. You can read about it at these blogs - Carrissa Byers , SarahJane , others , and more .
When you read these, you can not deny that you were not aware, when you read these you can not just do nothing because it the larger sense if it were you, and your children what would you do? Write a letter, send a check, pay attention, call the White House - but do not let this go.

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