Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Digital Summertime

I created this digital art image from a acrylic and oil pastel painting that I did. I had someone interested in it but they wanted the colors toned down, as well as then wanted something more horizontal then square.

Mom & Dad left today.
Harry came by to do digital prints.
Interviewed this evening.
and had coffee with the gang at Starbucks.

A good day.

Goodnight Karen, Armando, Burt, Jack, Jim, Mom, Dad, Mark, Pa Fred, Ma Fred, Seth, and all my other blog readers!

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

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kellycoxsemple said...

Hi Billy! It's been a long time since I commented on whimblog, but despite an apparent absence, I have peeked in once in a while. You're still doing great work, and it sounds like you're enjoying your day-to-day, which is nothing but good!

I never did thank you for creating "Emerge." It was as if you'd picked colors right off a palette of my own favorites! I am still working on the process myself. Nailed one major landmark last week, and am working on another in the coming month or so.

Meanwhile, keep on emerging yourself, and blog on!