Saturday, May 06, 2006


Charlie Rose and I showed our respective art at a show at Hibernia Dental Arts Gallery. It was great to meet him finally as I saw his work, and knew of him before actually meeting him.

The show was well attended, with lots of great people, and great food & drink provided by Pam & Mike. One piece sold at the show, and several people asked about pieces and may return. A big conversation was about printing several of the designs on fabric - seems that this idea is taking off on it's own. Keep checking in to see what stores carry my designs next year!

Mom & Dad Miller held court on the front porch of the gallery, meeting several of my Dallas friends. They heard lots of great stories and I am sure told a few stories themselves.

It was great to have them here and have them see my art. We spent the day traveling to various places in Oakcliff that showcase my art.

Besides the art being a big hit at the show, the M&M's with my name and "Digital Sweet" on them were a big hit. I joked with many people that my printer is so good that I printed them myself! The only way to go! Learn more here

After the show, Karen, Armando, Cliff, Jim, Jack, Mom, Dad and I went to Cafe Brazil for something to eat, and more stories. Fun Fun Fun --- still wondering what the end to Jack's story is???
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