Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Daily Routine

Today was somewhat routine.
Woke early, went to a meeting that was supposed to be a networking meeting at 7:30 am - no one was there...so send the leader and email, still to hear what happened. Then worked on email and sending out invites for this Thursday's show. Then went to the Dentist. These are pictures of my feet and my face with the mask on getting the laughing gas as they refilled two of my cavities.

You think crazy thoughts when under the gas. Afterwards I spent time with the dogs I am watching and resting my numb jaw.

It made me think that we get into our routine, while thousands of miles away, friends are doing their routine for themselves, their families, and their country.

This is one picture of my friend Robert in his "rattle" battle wear. Makes you realize that you how numb you can become to routine when you have friends somewhere else in the world experiencing something so different then you.

Makes me even more sure that I need to follow my passion. While resting I heard a quote that Gloria Vanderbuilt told her son Anderson Cooper on his graduation from college - "Follow Your Bliss", he said he did not know for a few years what that was, but now he does. I think I have found my bliss as well, and am going to follow that with a passion.

Just as I know my friend, Robert is following his heart in doing what he needs to do in Iraq. I may not always agree with him, but I can not deny him from following his inner voice.

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Totally LOVE that dentist image... super fun, and somewhat cubist or something... great image.