Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I served and have been served

Today I did my civic duty and went to jury duty. My case was dismissed so I was told I did my duty and was let go for the day. I was able to see the hanging of the birthday surprise for my friend, Kevin that Scott bought for him many months ago as a secret. The gift was the painting called "Collaboration P.A.C.E." which Jim Frederick and I did together.

Then Mom & Dad and I had coffee at the diner "Angelas Cafe" - I took this picture which I call the Coffee Trinity.

Then I heard from fellow artist, Harry about doing some printing for him on my printer. I met with Jay regarding the signage designs. Donated a painting to the Turtle Creek Chorale fundraiser. Got a call for an interview tomorrow. Lots of art projects underway....go whim go.

Then I was able to enjoy Mom's home cooking of all my favorites - Rump Roast, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Beets, Broccoli, and Fresh Bread that Jim Frederick made for us. YUM YUM YUM... this is a picture of the Mac & Cheese my Mom made especially for Jim in his own little bowl. She wants to make sure he eats more, especially when he takes his medicine. And Drink Plenty of Fluids and get some rest so you can paint more boots.

Then we watched some TV, had some dessert and watched the movie Zathura before going to bed. Mom & Dad leave early tomorrow, seems like they just got here. It was a great visit and I hope they come here again. I will see them soon in Buffalo, NY in August.

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Anonymous said...

Just got the mac and cheese...it's gone! It was great, thanks so much!
I'm eating and taking my medicine, and drinking fluids...promise...even tonight...instead of coffee I had Hot Tea!
It was so great meeting the parents of the digital master that is W.H. Miller!!! Can't wait till Buffalo...not the animal...the city;)