Sunday, May 07, 2006

Doing the Art Switchero

A busy day... up early... picked up art from the Water Tower Theatre "Out of the Loop" Festival which ended, then as Mom coined the phrase -- "Doing the Art Switchero", I was able to show them to Marcella at The Urban Blossom and she liked them, and hung them in her shop for sale. Ran into Ejay there, who was meeting Marcella to see her wonderful handmade greeting cards with her words --- her powerful words. I met her at the Upper Room and was amazed at the power and sensitivity behind her poetry.

Mom & Dad and I headed to breakfast at Cindy's New York Deli. While there we ran into Denise and her daughters Elizabeth and Rachel (aka Leezard and Tomato Head). Anyways, Rachel was in a play at Brookhaven Community College, so we decided to go see her in the matinee performance. She was great and I knew that she had a great singing voice, but never knew she had such talent for comedy! Bravo! She had a great character as Marion in Woody Allen's "Don't Drink The Water". Her hair stole the show and was a clear winner. I created this Quad to honor her and her vibrant performance.

Speaking of art, we also found time to stop by the VACD gallery and see some of the Art Group's work on display. It was great to see new works of friends.

After the play I did some quick errands on the way home, it was raining which lead me to take this picture of the rainbow in the parking lot. Mom kept looking for it in the sky becuase the sun was shining and the rain was coming down, but I saw it at my feet.

At home we rested and worked on the computer, then we ventured to Celebration for a great dinner. After dinner Mom & Dad watched the Yankee/Texas Rangers game and did crosswords, I worked on my signage for the Salon at the House on Fairmount. I am excited to show the owner my work, and get the commission to paint their sign.

After that I made popcorn for everyone and we watched the movie "CRASH" --- it truly grips me each time I see, no wonder it won Best Picture. Mom & Dad had not seen it, and it was interesting to get their take on the film.

Now I am blogging and getting ready to sleep in!

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