Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cottonwood Inwood

Started this "Happy Sunday" having breakfast at Cindy's, then going with Mom & Dad to the Cottonwood Art Festival. The show was filled with lots of great art. I met a artist from Oklahoma while I was admiring his work. He mentioned that he liked doing these types of shows becuase he found better success in selling his work than at galleries, he also enjoyed meeting the people that liked his work, and he had the opportunity to find other venues in other states to show & sell his work.

After a great day we returned home for a while and rested. We met Jim at the Inwood Theatre and he treated us to seeing "Akeelah and the bee". It is a wonderful and inspiring movie. Makes you want to grab a dictionary and start learning the power of words.

After the Inwood we went to the West Village and ate at the Village Burger Bar. We ran into Roberto on the street and he said "Happy Sunday" which was a phrase that my Dad had never heard before. Afterwhich we stopped at Borders and Dad bought me the copy of Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles" that I had been searching for. Now we are watching the shows of Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy and writing the blog, while Mom reminds me to fast forward the Tivo when the commercials hit.

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