Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Abstract Laundry

I did alot of cleaning and laundry today. But the inspiration of the three bags of clothes that I will be donating to the Gensis Shelter inspired me to create this abstract. Somehow the structure shapes with the amorphic colors appeals to me. Also like my other pieces it contains the bright primary colors with the greys and blacks. I call it "Abstract Laundry"...of course many people will read into what that title actually means and they should.

We had a restful class tonight - just drawing - kind of a prayful mediation night. Then to the after party for the M Streets Lakewood Artist Studio Tour at the Dahlia Wood's Gallery , it was great to meet all the artists, and talk about the tour. She also made a great cake for dessert from scratch.

Mando pictured here getting me a refill of iced coffee at our Wenesday evening Starbucks. Of course, Karen, I know you are searching for your name here. You were missed. Burt, Jim, Mando & I carried on until we were kicked out becuase they closed.

Great Day! and a great surprise for me and my Mom & Dad from Jim. Thanks.

Mom & Dad if you read this before you leave - safe travels! Can not wait to see you. We will be doing dinner shortly after you arrive.

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