Thursday, June 22, 2006

Digital Horizon

Today was a day of reflection.

I am so blessed with so much love in my life by such good friends, family and people I have yet to know well.

Thank you for all the kind well wishes. Yes, I will miss things, but I will not let that stop the momentum. I saw a great movie today with a great friend about an architect. Many parts of the passion of this artist and their process stuck with me. One part that struck me was the quote from the therapist who said "Many people come to me to have help with their relationships, making their lives better, giving up bad habits, but when an artist comes to me they want help to know how to change the world." The feedback he recieved by being different, by always listening and working with his inner voice and passion - reminded me of some of the voices that have entered my psychi - I am glad that I can try and block them out and listen to my inner voices. I am glad that I have such support from my friends and family --- just so you know --- I am listening.

you know,

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and now I can go to bed...sleep tight