Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This is the view from Jim and Glenn's new condo on Turtle Creek. Armando and I got treated after the weekly meeting at Starbucks to see the place while under it's construction phase. A great view from 14 stories up. Learned that Armando is actually afraid of heights. Jim was at coffee talk, but we missed regulars Karen and Burt. I shared the news that "I GOT A JOB!". Yes, you are reading it here - I am entering the corporate world once again. I will be a Manager - e Channel Sales and Marketing for Direct Energy. I start work on Monday in Houston, TX and yes at some point I will be relocating there. In addition I will be going to Toronto, Canada monthly to work with the web development team based there.

Now before you all start wondering - yes, I will continue to create art, show art and sell art. Also I will continue working on the projects I started with Jim Frederick - Art Patrol and P.A.C.E. and plan to keep active with all my art friends.

It will be hard to leave the great support base of friends that I have here in Dallas. But the one thing I do know is that I have always had a great base of friends where ever I have lived. First grew up in Western New York, then moved to New York City, then Hoboken, NJ, then Flanders, NJ, then Morristown, NJ, then Dallas, TX and soon to be Houston, TX --- I think they say somewhere that most people move at least eight times -- well that means I still have plenty of adventure ahead of me. I am grateful for the love and support of my Dallas friends and know that we will continue to support each other.

Well lots of new things to write about - dressing corporately again, meetings, my first 40 hour work week in 18 months, new people, new places, new responsibilities.... can only lead to new art!

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Anonymous said...

Congratumalationeririfications... or something like that... Happy for you... not for the 40 hours a week though... but nonetheless, it's a good thing! My only question though, seriously, is who's going to check on Jim now when he "drops" his phone? No, really, seriously... you need to line someone up for those duties!