Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Apple

My G4 Mac is now up and running, thanks to my wonderful friend and tech support - Andrew. In exchange for his help I gave him my games of SIMS and an old laptop that did not work (at least to me!).

I had breakfast and saw a movie with Patrick this afternoon.

Other than that it has been a great day, a quiet day.

Created this abstract today. I think I may try and paint it in acrylic.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved


Q-BLOG said...

I must tell you what an incredible piece you have created in "New Apple". I find that it speaks to my soul in a way your other art has not. It reminds me of the way crystals are formed in "What The Bleep Do We Know". My heart calls it Spirit's Crystals. I think of my heart and soul and the blood moving through my body in this crystaline form, removing all disease and cleansing not only my blood, but my body and mind. It is a wonderful wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

"new Apple" is very special---very much like those gadgets that we had when young that you looked through and turned the lens and as you did it changed the picture yolu saw through the viewer...not sure what they werre called....would be very interesting to see if you have the same impact when you create it as a painting...

B said...

I love this one. I find myself drawn to your red canvases for some reason. I wonder if that color somehow frees you emotionally. Or if it frees me.

Q-BLOG said...

ok...looking at this again...not spirit's crystal...sacred heart. Sacred heart. That's what it feels like. Sacred Heart. R