Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Swirl

Sleeping till noon.
Breakfast at Denny's with Patrick and Warren.
Prairie Home Companion with Patrick, Burt and Warren gets shut out because they sell out! Burt wants to know why the Penquin joke is funny? Guess you will need to see the movie to understand.
An afternoon nap in the 100 degree heat.
Chinese Food with Armando.
Phone calls from Michael and Mom & Dad.
Watching the Tonys! WOW
Doing the blog and setting goals for the next week.

Created this image today using picture it and adobe photoshop. It symbolized the warm swirl that my mind is swimming in. It is a target. It is complex and layered, bright and dark, a tunnel, an abstract - what do you see?

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

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kellycoxsemple said...

First thing that comes to mind are the pools at San Simeon. Beautiful tile work below the soft waves. It's been years since I went there, but to my mind, those are the world's most perfect swimming pools.