Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Over the Rainbow in One Year

This is my 352 post... that means I have blogged for an entire year! WOW. I wonder how many pieces of art I have posted during this time?

I created this image using pictures of the building that I work in.

It was a very busy day, lots of meetings, lots of new people to meet. I met the VP of Marketing today during which he walked me through the plans for 2006. They are using a modivational theme of the Wizard of Oz (a sign).... then when facilities came and said they had my desk ready this cardboard cutout was sitting next to my desk (another sign!)... who knew that when I created the Emerald City image from the Houston Skyline (a subconscious sign) that marching down the Yellow Brick road was in my future!

Jim shared an email today that he got about an art show opportunity this month in Houston.

Got a nice email from Aunt Tiny & Uncle Don (I wonder if they read the blog..hmm)

Armando is celebrating his birthday today.

Ran into another previous AT&T peer in the halls today.

Well I am done blogging for today, need to rest because of a 7am meeting tomorrow...going to spend part of the evening exploring.

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