Monday, June 26, 2006

My First Day

I started my first day in the corporate world in 18 months. It was a good day. Spent time getting passwords, laptops, ids, meeting new people, finding the restroom, presentations and up to speed.

This is a view of the building I work in from my hotel room. The buildings are all connected by tunnels so you never have to leave the air conditioning if you did not want too.

I spent the evening calling and talking with friends and family. Jack recommended that I try a place called Katz's -- it was great, almost like a Jewish Deli --- I had the Hot Pastrami! It was great. I chatted with my waiter, he pointed me towards various coffee shops, and place that artist hang I need time to explore.

On the way back to the Hotel so I could write my blog I stopped at Borders and got Modern Luxury Houston, and some artist magazines to read.

So many things ---

Today was the beginning of my new excellent adventure.

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Birdie said...

a Jewish Deli? hmmmmm