Thursday, June 29, 2006


In my travels today I found this graffitigraphic-art. It was near restaurant called Baby Barnabys that I ate dinner based on a recommendation from friends, Jeffery & Stephen. They have a nice home in Houston.

I visited Texas Art Supply and met a wonderful woman named Yvette, who helped education me about some of the areas of Houston and where the artists' have their lofts and studios, and where they show their work. I am sure that I will see her again in my visits.

Dinner at Baby Barnaby's was great, there I met Cuba, a wonderful woman who turned me on the the food they served (try the dip they make to go with the award winning french fries!). Another place I will be going back to when I return, and will make it a regular spot when I eventually live there.

Tomorrow will be the end of my first week back in the corporate. Then I will be traveling for work - Dallas, Toronto and Houston will be the port of calls the next few months.

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