Thursday, June 01, 2006


I captured this image today while driving home. I young man attempting either to flee or commit suicide was hanging off the bridge retainer wall over 75 near Fitzhugh. 5 or 6 police officers had the man's hand then grabbed his feet hopefully pulling him to safety. I say hopefully because I had heard from some other people asking about the suicide like the guy had died. I hope not.

Anyways I had my camera and took shots while driving slowly bye the police barricade.

It made me realize that no matter how desperate things seem, there is always someone else out there feeling even worst. So just keep moving in a positive direction and everything will work out.

What a few days. Yesterday was busy doing digital art for my submission to the Dallas Contemporary members show. I submitted a smaller version of "Fine Art" on canvas.

After which I got a referral regarding an Ecommerce Marketing job that sounds perfect for me. It uses all my skills. Now we will just have to see if all the pieces are in place to get hired for that position.

I taught my last class for the Healing through Images of God and Ourselves. It was a small class, but I enjoyed getting to know my student and we did a collaboration piece. We each worked on a piece then traded and we got to take home one of the pieces. I am working on a possible course for the Fall, we will see if we get that picked up. It has been an amazing journey to teach from my heart about art and spirit, and I have made wonderful new friends, found new things out about myself and my talents. Below is the piece that I got in the collaboration exchange.

So while inside I am jumping for joy for all the positive things happening, I keep remembering that man on the bridge today. I am wondering why, what drove him to this drastic place, is he homeless, is he on drugs, he is just desperate. I hope that he was saved, given a 2nd chance that that he too can realize that those men that risked their lives to save him for a purpose. He just needs to find that positive purpose.

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