Saturday, June 24, 2006


A busy day errands, breakfast with Warren & Patrick, then seeing my art at the Dallas Contemporary member show (see inset). Then to the movies with Patrick - The Peaceful Warrior - a great movie with lots a good messages in it. One message I even wrote on my hand - "You can live a lifetime without being aware." So afterwards I spent time being very aware.

Printed off a picture for Laura and delivered it, talked with Steve who had a allergic reaction to some mesquito repellant, talked with Tim, talked with Jim, then met PH, Tim, Shannon, Andy, Darnell, Patrick, Ron, Rich, Keith, Larry, Armando, Cliff and Brian for a drink. Met a couple visiting from Houston - gave them my card.
It is pride in Houston and other parts of the country. I took this picture to remember that.

Also captured the moment when PH was doing his hair in the reflection of the window (which is very reflective and like a see through two way mirror) without him know till someone told him I had captured him all on the digital camera!
Primping Princess PH.

A great dinner with Brian at Texas Land & Cattle and now home to blog, pack and reflect about the trip to Houston.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your recent install at the Contemporary! Can't wait to see Peaceful!
You better blog every freakin day in Houston!!!