Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Today was a day of progress. My interviews with various companies are moving head in positive directions. My doctor's visit gave me a good prognosis, and my sugar levels are down, and that is a positive approach. Watched an interesting dvd on Chuck Close and his approach to painting. He works with very large paintings, but approachs them of little bits. That made me think of digital and how you need to work with small pixels of color to create a larger image that is viewed. In this new series that I am working I am taking words and converting them. I chose "Fine Art" becuase of the stigma that some people question can digital art be fine art? or when does digital art become fine art? So in my series of creating digital art from words, I thought it would be ironic to create digital art from fine art. Another thing that Chuck Close said that struck me and stayed with me is "Take Advantage of the Accidents"... for me digital art allows you so much flexiblity that you can push your limits becuase you can go back. I enjoy pushing the programs, bouncing between programs, and taking advantage of those happy accidents. In this weeks picture I show you some of the images that preceed the final.

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