Friday, February 24, 2006

Just Because

This is another in a series of digital art images created from words. This was created from the word "because". Thank you Karen for the word.

Started with breakfast with Armando and Cliff, then home for a nap, guess I was more tired than I thought. Then I went to Cathedral of Hope and hung my art for the group show that is showing Planet Peace USA artists. Planet Peace USA is a group of artists raising awareness for peace through the showcasing of their art. Harry Thompson met me and we went for coffee. I shared with Harry some of my recent digital creations and asked which he thought were the best of them. I am sending three images to compete in the LACDA Top 40 Digital Artist contest. After a great exchange of thoughts, ideas and italian roast I headed over to SuperCuts to get my haircut. Then I picked up my mats that I had cut at Aaron Brothers; followed by getting gas and having a conversation with the friends in Boston. Then home to continue to work on my art pieces which will be in the upcoming "out of the loop" festival at the Watertower Theatre in Addison, TX. Tomorrow I deliver those pieces of art and will spend the afternoon having lunch and shopping with Patrick.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved


kellycoxsemple said...

Hi Billy! I haven't commented in a while, even though I drop by regularly. You continue to inspire me with the innovativeness of your art and the consistency with which you produce it! I know you're looking for a "real" job, and I understand the reasons for that. But selfishly, I want a rich angel to come your way who will let you concentrate on your art every day without the interference of a regular job. But that's from my perspective, and I'm willing to bet that you'll be better at balancing the two than I am!

I read this article today, and thought you would appreciate it.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I chose "because" because with all of the changes I have experienced lately, I have had a lot of questions about why the challenges have come about and why I have been able to deal with them without losing it. Well, the answer is just because..... With the grace of God, that is the only answer I need. Karen