Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today was a day of thoughts.

My day started with having breakfast with my friend, Denise Beene. She was the one who gave me the word which I worked with today. We had a great visit. It is so good to have friends that you can relax with, laugh, and be loved.

After breakfast I headed to WaterTower Theatre to drop off my artwork for the upcoming "Out of the Loop" festival. While there I noticed a postcard reminding me that Urban Blossom is located a block away. Urban Blossom is a great place for flowers, art and gifts. My friends, Jim Frederick and Greg Bergeron have their art there. I met Alex and mentioned I also was an artist, I proceed on his request to show him some of my art, he was impressed and suggested I meet with his wife, Marcella about showing my art in their shop.

After leaving the shop my thoughts were in a whirlwind. Then I got a call from Jim Lenss who I hope was able to enjoy my ticket to Toast To Life. I decided that I needed some "ME" time and was not going to attend the event. I am glad a friend could use the ticket.

Then I picked up my friend, Patrick Petillo, and we had lunch at the Loon, and went shopping at Dillards, and then finished it off with coffee at borders. We had great laughs and thoughtful conversations about how our job searchs are going.

Then I came home to work on my art, my blog, and more. Another thoughtful thing happened - a comment from Kelly, my blogger friend. I hear you Kelly and yes I am "callng all angels!". Thank you for the wonderful article which I am reposting here. It is amazing to think that color photography had the same battle for respect that digital art is now having. Kelly when you read this --- give me a "word"!

read this - Debating Digital

Other thoughts from today -
My stylist and pr person (yes you PH!) - Thank you for the tip.
For Heebie --- remember "Just One" doesn't pertain to the number of paintings you need to buy when you get your promotion after you pass your certification.
JF, KC, and SS --- enjoy the pics.

Take the time to be thoughtful today... you never know how that seed will change the world.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the way thoughtful turned out. Maybe it is my simple mind, but I like that you can still find the word, and the colors are beautiful. Karen

Anonymous said...

I am so proud that 'my' word turned out so lovely! I, too, like that I can find the word. The colors are amazing and almost exude thoughtfulness. Breakfast was wonderful. It shouldn't be so long between our lovefests. Denise

kellycoxsemple said...

Oh, words are very important to me, Billy. I grew up reading the dictionary along with all the other books (seriously), and my husband now calls me the "Word Wonk." I want it to be just the right word. Or I could just go with my gut feeling. How about "emerge?" Yes, I like that. For both you and me. Will you?