Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I created this picture today in honor of my friend, Jerome Ortiz. Seems on this day of Valentine, his heart was broken. I learned alot from text messaging my friend, and I hope that he can get past this and realize that he is a wonderful, interesting and worthy individual. He has a good friend spending the evening with him to make sure he doesn't do anything that would be harmful. I know that it is terrible to feel such pain. But the pain is good becuase it makes us realize how alive we are.

I had a great dinner tonight and spent the evening with my wonderful friends. "I said" ! I spent the evening with my wonderful friends, Jim, Cliff, Armando and Patrick. Lots of laughs, and snorts, and making fun.

Tomorrow I meet with the other instructors of the Lenten art series. I am excited to see how this will turn out.

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Jude said...

Great blog!!! I love your work. I am an artist too and learning a lot in blogging especially marketing my art. Thanks for sharing your art.

All the best,