Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ladder To Success

Today was a great day. I had a road trip with my artist friend, Jim to pick up some 15 paintings that were on display in Houston. After the drive we dropped by and visited John Palmer's studio and gallery. It was amazing to see his gallery and his studio, very exciting to see his work in progress and to know the success that he is having. Raised the bar for me of what my art can accomplish. I took this photo at lunch. In ways it reminded me of the day...hence why I called it Ladder to succes, with the arrows directing you to climb to the top. Jim and I exchanged my ideas, thoughts about art, marketing our art, what it takes to be successful, how far we have come, how far we want to go. We made it back to Dallas, had some rest, and then went to a few art shows. One a Pigeon Stone Project artist was very interesting creations of clay resin and plexiglass. Then I visited Minc to see the work of the artist DanPaul. It was disappointing to not meet either artist at either venue. Something about speaking to the artist about their work, what brought them to this point, where do they want to go and what are they trying to communicate.
Now I am back getting back into my discipline -- creating digital art. I have a few phone interviews tomorrow, and lots of work to get ready for future shows, and of course my artist reception on Sunday, February 19th from 4-7pm at the Trinity River Arts Center, on stemmons freeway near motor street - Drop By if you can (depending on the weather I will have hot apple cider, and definately some wine!).

Thanks Jim for the great day - feel better.
Thanks Sara Jane for the girl scout cookies!

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