Sunday, February 05, 2006


Today was a day of experiences.

I went to Church today. It was a good sermon. I gave money, twice... the miracle that happened was that when I got home... that amount of money was in my pocket. Coincidence?

Later enjoyed a movie "Manna from Heaven" -- takes place in Buffalo. Enjoyed it, similar messages to the sermon. Coincidence?

Then after a nice nap, I created some food that I shared with friends at a Super Bowl party. It was lots of fun...and we had good food...and we had laughs. Some of those laughs...ScreenDoor Annie, Billy's Green Balls, Tim with Eyes in the Back of his Head, Shamu- The Kachina Killer, Burn chicken tastes better with Terioki sauce, and they are rioting in Detroit! Coincidence?

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