Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Productive day... wake up call with Jim and Armando off to the airport, had another interview and all indications are that it went well. Dropped off artwork for the Artvocacy benefit for IRC. Had lunch with my friend, Patrick, we shared job hunting secrets and stories. Then got some greeting cards to be able to switch out at some locations that sell them. Had dinner with my friend, Ann at Cindy's - chicken dumblings rock! Ann was the person who gave me the word "serenity" that I created today.

This was difficult to be able to abstract the word enough to be able to give the feeling. Many times the creation still needed the word. I hope that this image (which still contains the word) conveys that sense of peace. I also hope that you can see some homage to Georgia O'Keeffe. For me serenity is peace, it is also looking within and finding that inner soul.

Watched Idol & Project Runway tonight, tomorrow I take down my show at Cathedral of Hope, and I hang part of the show at Waterview Tower in the offices of the Community Council of Greater Dallas. Took some online tests at Tickler -- my IQ = 127, my job = creative & strategic, and inkblots reveal my subconscious is driven by peace.

Have fun Jim & Seth!

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