Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Armando and the "B"

Today was a day of moments.
some of the moments are tiny ones

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It started early as I prepared myself for a qualifying interview with AT&T. I got up early, prepared coffee, took a shower, got dressed, and reread some material from my old notes when I was an account executive. The interview call went much easier than I had expected.

Then it was time to prepare for my first class lesson. Today's assignment was called "God In The Box". (This graphic image is actually the characters that mean GOD, and I added the box around it to illustrate this blog entry.) The students wrote down ten words that they believe discribed what GOD looked like or what GOD's image was to them. We then wrote all those words on the board. We only had 4 duplicates. With that many words describing GOD, you can see why their are so many different religions and versions of GOD. Back to the box, each student was given a white 4x4x4 box that was closed, and had something inside it. Their assignment is to without opening the box (trust factor here) they were to draw what was inside. I told them that GOD is inside the box. I also told them that they could decorate their box with words that describe their god. I am looking forward to what everyone shows us next week.

After class, I met up with Jim, Karen (aka "B"), and Armando at Starbucks. Jim and I handed out our postcards to our upcoming shows (no surprise there), we made new friends with the people sitting around us (Steve the secret blogger by the hour & the fire starter!), and we had visiting friends, Jim the massage guy, Luis (who couldn't remember Armando's name), and Luis' nice looking neighbor! We all drank coffee and chatted, some of tried to tell things that were part of our day, but were interupted by a pullover shirt with a tie, a tree throwing sparks, fire engines driving bye, and how to get a free coffee (Armando).

Now I must get ready for a good nights rest as I have an interview again in the morning.

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