Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fine Art Day !

Today was a great day. It did not begin like I had planned. I was supposed to get up very early in the morning and go to the gym. Then after the gym I was thinking of attending this networking professionals meeting in Oakcliff. That did not happen either. Partly becuase I really wasn't sure where it was, since I never got the email the guy who had called me on the phone to invite me.

So I slept in and it felt good. Guess all the dog watching the past week really tired me out. I met Tommy & Rich for lunch. We ate at KELs --- kind of reminds me of what you would expect to see in west TX, country boys in from the ranch to the local diner for some good home cooking. I of course had my usual - eggs! During lunch I got a call and becuase I was possibly expecting a call answered it! Surprise! It was a gentleman who had just seen my digital painting titled "Fine Art" at Uptown Vision - and he wanted to buy it! Done ! SOLD! Then I filled him in on the stories behind the piece. It was so great and it was just after I had told my friends that today is a day of ART. For those of you who do not know this painting --- click here --- to return to my blog about this piece.
The day progressed and I had to go to Half Price Books to get some books to brush up on my data networking for an interview with AT&T. On my way over there I stopped and dropped off some great prints of Jim Fredericks' art from Humanity that he had me do giclee prints of. He then presented me with my birthday gift! A Humanity Sculpture!! It needs a name --- it is now sitting on my fireplace mantle -- I love it!

Then after that great surprise, I headed to the bookstore, and found books to help me with my study. Patrick Petillo brought me a treat! Some of his Mom's homemade Bizzagain (sp?) --- it is a great italian dish.

Then Pat treated me to one of my favorite dinners! The Silver Spur! If only you can hear Pat say it.

I took these two pictures walking into and out of the restaurant. The sunset picture reminded me of the second series of art classes that I am teaching at the Cathedral of Hope. "Healing Our Image of God and Ourselves", I may use this picture to see if metaphorically that the rays of light may represent that of god. I have been searching for many different pictures of god to use in my 7 week session.

Well it has been a great and blessed day. Time to do some studying and then to bed so I can have a good interview tomorrow.

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