Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Art Of Humanity

At yesterday's and this evening's artshow by Jim Frederick called Humanity - a live art project took place. I was lucky to be a creative part of that piece as well as approx 150 other willing models.

We took Polaroids of people, sometime headshots, profiles, their best features -- you name it it was shot. A great energy came as different individuals got the courage up to sign the model release and become part of this growing "Art Protrait of Humanity". After their photos developed people were asked to put their first name and the place of their birth.

Pictures of the final piece is above, followed by close ups of some areas of the figure.

And here is a shot of the three of us - this photo taken by Jesus Chairez.

You got the Creator of Humanity- Jim Frederick, the Poet of Humanity - Robert Quintana and the Friend of Humanity - me!

And a little shout out to the reader of our blogs who came to the show ! You rock! Keep in touch, Keep reading.

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