Friday, April 28, 2006

Aye Matey!

Thursday was another busy, yet fun day. Spent the day putting campaign signs for Chris Luna for Dallas County Community College Board of Trustees on the front lawns of supportors with friend, Jeff.

Then after a quick visit and shower at home, headed to meet the artists of the M Streets Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour this weekend. After which Jim and I headed to the airport to pick up friend, Michael who is visiting from Buffalo, we headed to the RoundUp. Cliff & Armando visited us there, as well as Pat. We also ran into Rob and Al, and Anthony who were much fun. Cliff had eye surgery - but the Pirate references and Aye Matey! were plentiful sayings that night. We took these fun pictures with Cliff the pirate to celebrate.

Now off to a busy Friday!

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