Sunday, April 02, 2006

Elvis Lives!

Elvis must be living, becuase my friend, Michael saw him in a bar in Buffalo. It was one of the great calls I got this weekend.

Had a great breakfast this am with Armando & Cliff, of course dealing without the extra hour of sleep was not fun. I was supposed to have breakfast with Ann & Laura, but they had to back out to clean out the garage so that the pool men can install their pool filter equipment.

Worked on the final version of the MStreets Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour brochure. Then went over Jim's and met Robert for a walk down the Katy Trail with their dogs.

We endured 95 degree heat and laughed as the dogs would just give up and sit in the shade.

They were so glad to be back home in the airconditioning -- they just collapsed on the floor and were so happy.

Robert leaves soon for Iraq - another six months of emails, poem, and insights. I will miss him.

Got to see my artwork again on the human canvas. My friend, Derwin, asked me to design a tattoo --- it represents him and his two sons. It is a wonderful feeling to know that someone wants your art so permanently they will wear it forever.

A busy week ahead, a painting to finish, a show to hang, a meeting to organize, brochures to get printed, new art to get ready, a studio visit, a class to teach....and more words to translate.

Had a great call with Mom & Dad, my Aunt Tiny and Uncle Don are visiting them -- while I was on the phone it seemed several phones rang all at the same time. The cost of the airfare is too high, so they are not going to be able to visit me in May. It is dissappointing, but I know that I will see them soon in August when I make the trip home to Buffalo.

Finished the day off with Desperate Housewives and Dinner with the boys. Now I am blogging as I watch Grey's Anatomy. DONT PLAY BY THE RULES, BUT PLAY....PLAY... PLAY HARD, PLAY FAST, PLAY LOOSE, AND PLAY FREE....PLAY AS IF THERE IS NO TOMORROW.

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