Wednesday, April 26, 2006


At tonights coffee clutch meeting at Starbucks, our very own Armando, pointed out to the barista that the sign that said the movie Akleelah and the bee was not 6 days away but actually only 2 days away. After changing the sign, the barista came up to our party and awarded Armando, the Splenda Customer award for his attention to detail. In usual fashion Armando, thanked his people, and his family and on and on until the played the music to get him off stage!

We had a great time talking with Karen, Burt and Michael, Jim, myself and Armando. We talked about Art, Burts' condo, the upcoming weekend full of shows, who is quitting the most things, what is a blog, google girls, mike's new laptop internet connection, daisydukes, what was burt's nickname that he hated, robert's magic box, barney and a special bubble bath, Bert & Ernie, Karen's new flat screen tv, some many things I would need to put them in a book, not in a blog.

Had a great day putting up art at Jim's studio for the Tour, doing some link exchange with the North Dallas Artist Studio Tour, and getting ready to hang my show this coming Monday at Hibernia. Lots of things to do, cleaning, printing more invitation postcards, entertaining Michael Agoston who is visiting for the weekend, getting ready for Mom & Dad to come visit, getting ready to pay monthly bills that will hit this weekend.

Taught my class today - Creative Spiritually - the God In The Box assignment turned out really well. Everyone shared their box creations and the art of what the god in the box looked like. We had discussions about was god in the box, was god the box and was god outside the box. We talked about the box being a metaphor for places we find ourselves (a car, a home, a church, a closet) and was God with us, we also talked about it as the box being labels that put us or others put us or God into and how do we use God to get out of the box, or invite God into the box. I am constantly amazed at the beautiful thoughts that the people in my class put into their work, and the insights they share with each other. This was my piece of art that I created. I drew a self portrait on the sides of the box, because if God was in the Box, then God was also in me, that I must be the box...or so that was my logic.

Another busy day tomorrow, helping Jeff put up democratic candidate signs in people's yards all day, then getting more art that should be ready at Stretch & Frame, going to Jim's Tour Get Together, Picking up Michael at the Airport and stopping at the Roundup for a cocktail before going home.

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