Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Strange Sights

It was a day of strange sightings -- it started as Jim and I headed for a meeting with SouthSide at Lamar regarding the ART PATROL.

We spotted this man get out of his Mercedes at the Taco Bell parking lot with an electronic piano -- he started playing as we rushed to find the camera before the light turned green and snapped his photo.

After a great meeting --- The Art Patrol will be painting at Urban Arts Fest ( on Saturday, April 22 from 11am - 7pm --- come bye, lots of fun and art to be had.

After the meeting we had lunch at the diner, and who did we spot! But Elvis! Only just a few days ago (if you are reading my blog) Elvis was spotted in a Bar in Buffalo, NY --- boy he gets around quick!

Finally we headed to Uptown Vision for the hanging of the Art Group Reunion show. How many artist's does it take to hang a work of art! The proof is in the photo! Hope to see you at the reception this Friday from 6-9pm at Uptown Vision.

The day finished off with a meeting set with the company organizing artists for the Victory Arts Plaza later in April, a call with Mom & Dad, and my lenten art class which is winding down to its final weeks. But exciting news they have asked me to do another class on Wednesday because my art creativity class is so popular and getting good reviews, I will be doing another 8 weeks after this one.

Now my blog is finished....time to read other blogs, work on some art, and get a good nights sleep.

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