Monday, April 24, 2006


Billy's Big Birthday Brunch was a great success! Fun was had by everyone. First I need to thank the planners, Steve & PH for an amazing party and day. Thank you everyone who attended - Jack, Rich, Tim, Rob, PH, Steve, Jim, Cliff, Warren, Chris, David, Armando, Michael, Burt, Ron, Ann, Laura, Patrick and Karen who was there in spirit.

Lots of laughs were had. Great gifts, great food, great drinks, great cake!.

We laughed as Burt and Michael shared dessert.

And Armando & Cliff wore the shirts I made for them! Sweet & Sour!

Here are a few of the shots of the happenings at the brunch.

The party continued at JRs where different friends came out. They had a bachlor auction for Leukemia, and I won a lesbian! 100 percent of the money goes to a good cause, so my birthday cash was well spent.

At JRs -- we saw other people from the Catalina Room who were there celebrating their birthdays, as well as Anthony & Darnell from Bowling, and Cindy and her girlfriend who bought me the amazing Popsicle Shots! And Tim & Shannon and their hot friend!

Of course my T-shirt for Robb was a big hit with many of his admirers saying hello and loving the T-shirt.

Now it is Monday --- ate at Hunkys, going to take a Nap (good thing I am still self employed!) and then get some art ready for the upcoming M Streets Lakewood Art Tour, and fill in for PH at Bowling.

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