Saturday, April 22, 2006

Urban Abstracts

Jim and I got up early this morning to set up at Urban Art Fest - Art Walk. Here we are painting at our stations, representing our art and the first showing of Art Patrol. It was great to be invited by Monica, and to meet Jeff and his boyfriend and participate in this event.

We wore t-shirts to help promote the Art Patrol as well as each of our websites.

Drank lots of coffee early, and met all the artists around us.
This was the painting that I started painting with.

This is the same painting later in the day. Still added many layers after that picture was taken. Thanks Jack & Warren for taking pictures of us working.

We had many visitors during the day, Jack, Patrick, Warren, Chris & David, Wauketa and James, Tim and his boyfriend. (and even Karen!)

We visited the UTD New Media Section, I was taken and participated in Lee Harrington's art piece called Journey:12.

I took a rock viewed the piece walked around it and placed it where I was lead. For me it was like genetic code, a double helix of sorts, primal in the rock, modern in the use of spray paint and urban setting. The picture here shows a bit of his statement, invitation and the placement of my rock. I marked my journey and now our paths are crossed.

I took these pictures of great little urban asbtracts that I found on the walls, in the parking lot and elsewhere.

It was a great day to paint and the energy was good.
After we packed up the show, Jim & I met Chris and David and their friends, Stephanie and Joyce (Mamma Carroll). Besides the great stories told over great food (what do you get someone who turns 21! Stephanie?), we ended it with taking home the Lemmon Cake! Nothing better with a cold glass of milk, which I did, and taking a nice hot shower and going to bed early.


Anonymous said...

I had a blast with you today...the t-shirts look great! The website looks great! You rock!
I am so tired...I just got done with returning emails and not going to do my blog until after your brunch tomorrow!
Very tired, but totally worth it!
Thanks for the great time today

Anonymous said...

Fab to meet you boys! Dinner was great. Happy belated birthday!