Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dallas Blooms

Spent today helping my friend Joleen with Publisher and postcards that she is working on for an upcoming artshow at VACD that her and a few others from the art group are doing.

Afterwards the Fredericks and I headed to the Dallas Arboretum. In some ways it was like oz...Poppies, Bubbles (is Glinda in there?) and little girls (no I am not talking about Jim!)
This little girl was having a blast when it came to chasing the bubbles that Jim was making with his new bubble maker.

I took this picture of the Fredericks -- love the way it's reflection makes an entire frame. And then what looks like it will be come tradition --- the annual taking of the "Fountain of Youth"!

Many of you may remember last year I took a similar pose with a friend's young child. It is only fair that the young at heart now do the same.

The Fredericks are leaving in the morning to go back to Washington, MO -- it was a great visit and glad I got to spend time with them.

And now I get to share the same experience with Jim, my parents have found a way to visit after all. I am excited that they will be visiting May 4-10th and be able to make my showing at Hibernia Dental Arts May 5th -- so put that date down and come MEET THE MILLERS (an old TV show for those that can remember!).

Now it is back to work - lots of meetings, lots of shows, lots of artwork to be done and sold.

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Anonymous said...

You need to share your pic as well...or are you saving the debut for when your Mom and Pop come to visit! I hope the pic I took worked out ok...the Universe...

Anonymous said...

P.S...The Universe is happy that your mother and father will be able to see what an incredible gift you are to Dallas...you are truely special...and not in the short bus kinda way!!!

Q-BLOG said...

Billy, great pics at Dallas Blooms...and of course great commentary. Wish I could have gone as well. 1 more week!