Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today was a busy day.

I got paid for the sold painting "Fine Art", signed the painting and handed it over to the new owners.

Something very special about seeing something that you created, and toiled over finding a new home. Makes you wonder what it's life will be now.

Took down art at Uptown Vision and at Alex Remington's condo to get ready for the M Streets Lakewood Artists' Studio Tour this weekend at Jim Fredericks' Studio.

Spent the morning and late afternoon working on my proposal that I submitted to the Victory Media Network. They hosted a meeting of local Dallas artists to show the plans they have to showcase local talent in the first outdoor art gallery. It was very exciting to meet the people trying to make this happen, as well as learn more about the technology and see the actual building. I am glad that I am participating and look forward to the feedback on my first proposal. It was great to see the many artists that I invited in attendance. I created todays' piece based on a picture that I took when I arrived. I think this is a word that I may do a more indepth work on for my large format word series.

Also excited about how many people are getting excited about Art Patrol. www.artpatrol.net is a group of artists that Jim Frederick and myself are organizing to paint in public and near area businesses.

Victory is achieved by making small steps in the right direction each day.

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