Saturday, April 08, 2006


The last two days flew by...breakfast helped me create this wonderful picture of creamer.

Then we moved to "SAY CHEESE" being the saying on the shirt I wore at the artist reception for the ART GROUP REUNION SHOW at UPTOWN VISION.

Lots of great people and energy. Spent much of the evening explaining my new work and how I take words then digitally translate them into the works of fine art that were hanging.

The some of the boys went out for drinks - here is a picture of the crew (Pat, Kevin, and Michael)

Took this picture today in the Parking Garage. Wasn't feeling good most of the day because of the champagne and cocktails the night prior. Jim and I picked up my work that was hanging at the Oaklawn Library, and then visited Art Mart at the Bathhouse Cultural Center. We saw James Dunn who met at the Victory Artists meeting - interesting digital works. Then we came home napped and watched TV, then he left to go have dinner with friends, I worked on the website and blog and will rest up for a better tomorrow.

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