Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Created this piece today. Enjoying this whole Quad thinking.

This started out a companion to my Window Souls piece. The title I was thinking was "Window Man".

I am excited to watch Project Runway, one because it takes place at my alma mater Parsons School of Design, my friend Jim is watching it as we speak (I am Tivoing it!) and calling me to discuss becuase they are using digital images for inspiration in their work. Sounds like fun to me!

Today was a day to work on websites and marketing... I am working on some friends websites - and and soon to be up sites and . Another friend also is working on his website - (this is Jim's Dad who takes great photos!). Then I have the marketing pieces for the upcoming M Streets/Lakewood Artist Studio Tour that Jim and Silvia are pulling together, marketing for the P.A.C.E.'s Art Patrol, and marketing brochure for myself and my art. Phew Busy Busy Busy!

Looking forward to working more on Barbara and David's commission piece. Already have about 50 versions, and hope to get to around one hundred before narrowing it down to just 4 images.

Tomorrow also looking forward to attending the prescreening of "What The Bleep - Down The Rabbit Hole", the sequel to "What the bleep do we know!" movie that I feel in love with. More information can be found at .

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