Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hommage to Sarah Jane

Another busy day, had time to talk business with my real estate friend, share marketing ideas. Spent time walking (yes, Walking!) on the Katy Trail with Jim & Gracie, then visited over coffee at StarBucks --- and while I was in the bathroom - I thought of how Sarah Jane always has pictures of herself in different bathrooms of clubs she goes to -- so I took a similar photo of self -- and then added my digital twist to it -- Thank you Sarah Jane for the inspiration.

Then after getting ready for tomorrow's hanging at Cathedral of Hope --- I worked on this new digital piece. It uses my grid forms and lines. I like the colors that show through and think this will look good large scale.

Well this week continues to be nothing but busy ---- and I LOVE IT! Working as an artist is a dream come true.

Keeping the P.A.C.E.

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1 comment:

sarah jane said...

the bathroom pictures are silly. i only do them because i detest being photographed by anyone but myself. go figure.