Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hope, Need, Choice, Focus, Repeat

Today I attended Church.
Yes, I said Church.
But not just any church.
This is the Cathedral of Hope.
It is a church that accepts Gays & Lesbians.
It is a church that I have been greeted warmly and was treated to a wonderful sermon. The things that remain in my mind are "Have you found your calling" - I think I have, it is my art.
I was moved by the peacefulness that I felt. I am blessed to have made new friends because of my involvement with COH. Because of Harry & Betty Thompson's believe in me and my art, I am now showing my art to many people who may not go to my website, the galleries, or the stores that show my art. Harry is even going to arrange for a time for me to demonstrate how I use the computer to create my art. I am very excited about this opportunity. I have met other artists. I have met people who are truly moved and enjoy my art.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about "choice" and about "need" and about "focus". For me I am at the point of being a homeless starving artist - it is scary - so my "need" is to have the security of a home and to be able to feed myself and do my art... this leads me to "choice"... many times I could have let my fear run my decisions that may have been for the negative, but in "choosing" the positive - everything changes for the better. During this positive change, it is then important to "focus" on not only the important things that the Universe is bringing forth to you, but "focus" on what effects you are then having on the universe & people around you.

I created this piece today based on photos I took at the Cathedral of Hope. Some may see a StarTrek Enterprise ship, others may see the images of the church, others may see a spiritual being...whatever you see if great. I am reminded of a saying by Confucius "We see things not as they are, but as we are."

I was blessed again today by hearing from an artist I greatly admire - Jerome Ortiz. I actually have a piece of his art that I purchased at the Art Conspiracy event last year. He goes by "mynus", for me his work is mesmerizing. Click his link and check him out. I was blessed not only from hearing from him, but for him asking me to show my art in the club called Minc. I am very excited about this opportunity.

So now as a new week starts --- it is time for me to focus on my art and my opportunities, so I can make the right choices and create fulfillment of my needs.

Copyright 2006 William H Miller All Rights Reserved

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