Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am a Digitalist

Yes, I said it - I am a digitalist. Today I wore a black shirt with white letters proclaiming that I am a Digitalist to a meeting of artists for Artvocacy, and then an art opening at Minc for artist: Michael Sowiecki . My friend, Jim told friends, Al & Robb that I was starting a movement! I laughed but in many ways it is true. I have dreams that digital art will become the "new alertnative" artform. I have dreams of getting a group of digital artists together and form a group. As a matter of fact I have already thought of the name. Digital Artists Alertnative or the DAA. So if any of you would be digitals are reading this, contact me so we can band together and shout out to the world the this new digital artform (actually ain't new, just becoming more accessible to artists).

Created this piece today entitled "French Roast Fellow" based on photos that I took and collaged together - you have the bubbles in my coffee (shot at Artvocacy mtg at Standards & Pours coffee house in Southside at Lamar), you have graffiti tag (outside of Minc) , you have blue glass (friends home). I used filters in photoshop, as well as layering to collage this elements into this final piece.

Finally it was great to meet new artist friends - Teresa, Dan Paul, Jeremy, Michael, Meghan.

Taking the world on one pixel at a time!
Billy "the digitalist" Miller

Copyright 2006 William H. Miller All Rights Reserved

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