Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Art comes from ....

Art comes from many places. For me art comes from daily life and then looking deeper and deeper until you can find something beautiful, or something that you need to share. The last few days have been filled with running to the toilet. The stomach virus I have had has left me not it the greatest of moods. I am tired, I am weak...but yet the need to create continues. Today was a good day as I actually left the house with out incident. Jim helped me drop off art at Uptown Vision which I will be hanging tomorrow. I created this image based on being sick, and as you read on and look on it will become clear that art can come from many places.
This piece is called "Depth"

This piece is called "UFO 2006"

Today I locked down showing my art at the Trinity River Arts Center for the Month of February opposite the Uptown Players' performance of AIDA. I looking forward to this next show, my third in 3 years at TRAC.
With many events like Toast to Life, DIFFA, and my shows the 1st Quarter of 2006 looks to be filled with activity.

During the height of my illness, I somehow had the presence of mind to take a picture of the vomit that went into the tub while I was doing the opposite on the thrown.
I know that most people will look at this and be grossed out. But for me it was an artistic challenge -- how to take such a horrible moment -- and turn it into a piece of art that people will look at it with wonder and even look at it with beauty. What do you think of the pieces above created from this photo?

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