Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lend an Ear

The past few days have flown bye... Friday morning started with a great meeting with Harry Thompson and showing him my latest digital work. He then booked me for the Cathedral of Hope to show my work from Jan 12 - Feb 23rd. I am very excited about this opportunity to show my art where so many people will have access to see it.

After that I had lunch with my stylist friend, PH who took me in search of the perfect shirt for my opening later that day. Of course we found it and I added a t-shirt with the word "DIGITALIST" on the front. It turned out to be a great fun thing to wear. At the show, I immediately heard from doctors whom wanted to know why I was wearing a "digitalis" shirt, another person couldn't see the entire word becuase of the cover shirt I was wearing and thought it said "pigtails". The show was great, the weather was great, the people were fun, fantastic, and full of energy. Sold 5 pieces and got a commission piece for another Quad. Also a few other people are thinking of possible commissions....hope they decide in the affirmative. It is so great to have such great friends, and new friends there to support me and my art. It really means the world to me, and it humbles me that I may actually be able to make my dreams come true. If the universe was ever trying to tell me something I think this was it. We had a fun moment at the show where the lights went out and some yelled, "my jewels, my jewels!". Then after reception was over my friends and I went to the Hideaway to celebrate.... I got a call from my Mom & Dad and shared the excitement of the evening with them.... and then had alot of fun until 2am with my posse. Then slept most of Saturday away, trying to recoup, enjoying the moment from yesterday. Now I have a busy week ahead with getting ready for my other shows, creating new art, working on my commissions, and listening to my inner voice. Thank you for all of you whom have played a major part in keeping me on track to make my dream of being a full time artist a reality. I love you. If I were VanGogh, I would have cut of my ear and send it to you. Good thing I am a digital artist --- I can just share this digital image of an ear!


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