Saturday, January 14, 2006

Taking Risks

Today I learned the importance of listening to your inner voice and taking risks. Spent the day at a seminar for Epson Printer Academy, to learn techiques about adobe photoshop and printing techiques from some master photographers. The one thing that really struck me was that two photographers/artists said that we are on the brink of something great in the world of digital art. I am happy that I am in the midst of it. It brings alot of meaning based on where I started and where I have been directly to this moment of what I am doing and where it is leading me. I have had many ideas that I want to experiment with in regards to my digital art. In some cases it breaks the rules set up by the experts of what is "great". I think by experimenting with the use of painting techiques with the photography some unique processes will be developed. I want to expose that. This image was created from a digital shot I took at the hotel, and of course many filters, and manipulations later this is the image that I have finished with.

I am so excited about now not only being an artist that uses his camera, and computer as tools, but also now using his printer and materials (ink & paper choices) to create the next GREAT AMERICAN DIGITAL ART. This is somewhat a takeoff on the artist's search in the 2oth Century for the great american painting --- now that challenge I believe is what is the great american digital art in the 21st Century.

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