Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A New Quad

Created this Quad today..."Window Souls" ... is what I am thinking of calling it. I created it from a picture that my Dad took when he was in Tennessee. Today was a productive day, loading new Adobe CS2 software, learning tutorials, paying bills, helping out a friend (Karen) who needed a ride, having dinner with that friend (Karen) and then working some more on my computer before going bowling. Had a great time bowling with the boys (Scott, PH, and Pat --- Happy Birthday Ray we missed you!). We won 1/2 the points! Then came home to work on my art and blog. My neighbor, Eddie (he hates that!) is chatting with me on IM while I am trying to work. He can be such a distraction. (But in a good way!). Well that is all for now. Tomorrow is another busy art day. More on that later.

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