Monday, January 09, 2006

You Don't Know Jack

Jack --- a good friend of mine. I had the pleasure of working on his business cards and flyers for his business. I had fun playing with his portrait. For anyone of you reading Jack does Taxes --- you can email him at if your are interested in his services. Today was a day of getting on track. Finished Jack's work, delivered cards and art to Flavors From Afar. Continued work on my quad commission piece. The evening was spent with friends over dinner & dessert (Tommy, Rich, Karen then Jim, Armando, Cliff, and Karen). Now it is time to take inventory of the work to be done tomorrow - Prints to frame, Bios to print, should be a productive day again. Who knows maybe I will begin again with my walking and blood sugar monitoring... always time to take care of yourself. Been listening to Jack Canfield's tape about Self Esteem and Peak Performance....amazed I have had this tape for going on 20 years and it still a great tape to listen to and get re-energized.

Positive Attitudes Change Everything

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