Monday, September 11, 2006


Looking for dinner tonight --- i found Jesse Jr. and thought of Burt. It was a Filipino Restaurant.

It was not open, so I found a 24/7 diner that served breakfast - so you know me - my usual.

Then I came back to the Hotel to find - Canadian Idol on! Fun!

But I remember this morning.... five years ago I was driving to work when they announced a plane hit the World Trade Center. I called my friend Denise, as I did then, to ask if she had heard from Carl, who worked across the street. We remembered the day, and each said a prayer.... Denise was actually in NY going to the memorial. I do not think I will ever forget.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of a Filipino name is Jesse? O.K, so my name is Burt...whatever!
'Tanks por tinking ub me"