Thursday, September 28, 2006

Got T-cells?

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

A group of friends joined Jim for a surprise birthday at Sambuca's. Burt picked up the Birthday Boy, but did not tell him we would all be there. We being Karen, Timmer, Jim L. aka Snipple, Glenn, Cliff, Armando and myself.

A birthday theme around the letter T for ...

Afterwards we went to Jim & Glenn's party pad for some cake. Somehow the sugar really effected Jim as seen here.

Back in Dallas, only two more days to my weigh in....

Lots more to tell now that I am back, but need rest and good sleep.

This if for those earlier risers.

And BTW - I only had iced tea to drink, about 3oz of blackend tuna, some rice and two stalks of asparagus, and a small house salad. Oh yes, and water, and two spoons of ice cream and cake of jim's (tried hard to keep it under 100 calories) - more cardio tomorrow.

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