Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Miller Family Plot

We buried Mark's ashes today in the Boxwood Cemetery in Medina, NY. We also paid our respects to the other Miller relatives buried close by to where Mark is now. We also have spaces next to Mark, for our Parents, and myself.

I learned that my Great Grandfather, John Miller, died in a factory accident after getting his arm caught in a conveyor belt. My Great Grandmother, Mary, actually came to the US on a boat which sank and she was rescued as a young girl, she entered Canada, where she was adopted by the Mayor of Fort Erie, Gothard. Her adopted sisters were named Stella and Blanche Gothard. Then you have my Grandparents - Harold Frederick Miller. (How freaky is that, Jim!) and Majorie Maud Lacy Miller. She had a sister, Geraldine Lacy McKinney (Huband Donald McKinney). My dad was named after Aunt Geraldine. I remember meeting my grandmother's father Delbert Lacy, or Grandpa Lacy to me. My grandfather, sister - Aunt Viola, and brother Clifford.

This has been very interesting as I look back into my family tree. Now I need to investigate my mother's side - Felber, Noth, Hofer. I have more work to do.

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